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As a car detailing company focus in customer service, we pride ourselves on being one of the best-rated detailers in the world, and that is not an accident. With over seventeen years of experience, we have the best car detailing team and car polishing techniques to take care for your vehicle. Moreover; We want to provide results that are above your expectations. Additionally, we would like you to consider us your go-to auto detailers whenever you have questions about our auto detailing service, window film, ceramic coating, upholstery, or paint protection film. 

We are located at: 207 N Goldenrod Rd #500, Orlando, FL 32807. We are around seven minutes away from downtown Orlando and just two minutes away from the 408 Goldenrod exit. 

Orlando Car Detailing Services

As a part of our car detailing services, your vehicle’s surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and treated. By using the right products, techniques, and tools, we can always deliver the best results, ensuring each area of your car is taken care of as needed.

Car Detox is a place where car enthusiasts can find customized services, and professional care for their vehicles and our whole team shares the same passion for the beauty and power of engines.

Below you can find the services most requested by our users:

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Car Window Tinting

Ceramic window films, nano-ceramic window tinting and regular window tint are truly a necessity for many car owners in Orlando and Central Florida, that is why we make sure that you can get the most professional service in Window tinting when you come to our shop. To make your schedule easier, we make sure that you don’t have to drive to different places in order to get the car services that you need.

We have partnered with Nasiol, a company that brings the latest Nano technology to make your car look brand new for the longest time with very little maintenance. Protect your car from several contaminants that could cause permanent damage to its paint finish and give it a shine that lasts for years. Furthermore; these coatings we have now tested for years in cars preventing swirl marks, bird dropping marks, tree sap marks and protecting the vehicles from uv rays.  The Nasiol brand has really impressed us with its hydrophobic properties. Moreover; it has impressed all of our clients to a point that several of them have come back when they purchase a new vehicle to get them coated. 

Use an ultra shiny thick invisible film that would protect your paint finish for over ten years. Do this paint protection film (ppf) when your car is brand new for optimal value. To better explain, ppf, is vital for the health of your vehicle’s paint finish. It is the only thing that will prevent bug damage, chip damage, tree sap and bird droppings marks.

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What our customers say...

“I am very impressed with the service I received from the gentlemen there today. "

They were all very welcoming and sweet and they broke down the services that they offered very well. Their waiting room/lobby has WiFi! And coffee! And a clean restroom! And comfortable seats!! And nice music! This place is seriously great and very clean. I’m not just saying that. I did my homework while waiting and I feel that it wasn’t too long of a wait. I loved the results. My car smells sooo good and I was surprised that my seats were dry (and very clean) after just getting shampooed. Amazing place I highly highly recommend! 11/10 honest review I’m just an average girl.

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