4 Serious Questions about Clear Coating Ceramic Coating

All About Ceramic Coating AKA Clear Coat

Surely you have heard that many people, when buying their cars, usually put a ceramic coating on their cars. Why is it so important to do it? Can it be done only on new cars? How much is the cost for a clear coat treatment? What are the best products to use? are the most common questions. Moreover, the comparison of whether Ceramic or PPF is better for your car. In this blog you will find all the answers to those questions and you will also have the opportunity to find good services with quality products, or, if you are one of those people who are passionate about doing it yourself, you will also have access to adequate training so that you are satisfied when installing it. You could even start your new business with a ceramic coating certificate. Whatever your desire is on this topic, here you will find valuable information to achieve a quality application of ceramic coating.

Why is it so Important to Clear Coat your Vehicle?

When buying a new car, the most we want is for it to be kept in excellent condition. Therefore, having it serviced on time, keeping an eye on the tires, and keeping them clean is something that we commonly have in mind to achieve this. But the paint on cars, which is so bright and striking, loses its beauty very easily. Heat, environmental pollution, rain, insects, pollen, tree saps, and other factors are doing damage to the car’s paint, almost since the car leaves the dealership. For this reason, it is important to protect it as soon as possible. Clear Coat is one of the means to do so. This product, which provides a film that covers the entire paint and enhances it, in addition to protecting it. This layer gives it hydrophobic and oleophobic properties that allow unwanted substances to be easily removed, and do not leave damage to the paint. This also makes cleaning the car easier.

Can Clear Coat Only be Done on New Cars?

Ceramic Coating can be applied to any car that has its paint in good condition to prevent deterioration. To apply a clear coat, you must always prepare the vehicle with exhaustive cleaning, removing all contamination and correcting the paint. The goal is to be as homogeneous as possible and without minimal superficial scratches. The complexity of its correction will depend on the damage that the paint has suffered. Once the car is prepared, the coating is applied. If the car is new, the cost will probably be cheaper because it will need less paint correction, but if you have a car that you want to keep for several years and its paint is in decent condition, it will be a great investment for your car, in addition to facilitating the exterior maintenance. As I mentioned before, these treatments can be registered in Carfax and give more value to your car when you sell it.

 How much should the cost of Clear Coat Treatment Be?

The cost of Ceramic treatment will depend on the length of time you want it to protect your car, and the need for correction of the painting in its preparation. It is always good to do a “Ceramic coating near me search”. There are several products that provide protection for certain periods of time, the most common are one year, three years and 5 years. Whether they last that long depends a lot on following the instructions on how to clean the car and will depend on the city in which you are, etc. Those of shorter duration are close to or below $1,000, and those of longer duration will be above this value. Regularly even if the car needs correction, and you want more coverage time, the price will be around $2,000. Doing this service can take 2 to 3 days, because after preparation and application, the product needs to be cured. Therefore, you should be prepared to leave your car at the shop for that time.

What are the Best Coating Products to use?

There are several products on the market, we have tried some.  I particulary recommend the Nasiol products, a brand  from Turkey. They are easily applied, and cured faster,and use high quality nanotechnology to prepare its products.

The Question about Clear Coating or PPF?

The first question when you get a new car should be about ceramic coating or PPF. PPF is recommended only in brand new cars or those who have the paint in great conditions. It offers more protection(bugs, dirt, scratches, nicks, road,sand, salt, and road debris.) and lasts about 10 years and it has a warranty. You can also add the service on Carfax and add value to your car when you want to sell it. This service  is more expensive and requires more time to install and cure (Be prepared for having your car at least one week in the shop). Some people love the results, others notice the film over the paint and they did not expect to see some of the edges, gaps, and marks on the film that are visible when getting very close to the film. Taking this in consideration you can see that both are really good advantages for your car, so you have to decide which is better depending on your budget and your car conditions.

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