What are the Differences Between
Auto Detailing Vs. Car Wash?

Many people place a high value on taking care of their vehicles. Of course, maintaining a clean vehicle allows you to enjoy the journey more. To achieve this goal, you have two options: washing your car or taking it to an auto detailing shop. This post will help you understand the difference between a car wash and a detailing.

What is Car Detailing?

The process of detailing a car is an advanced one that makes your car look its best. In this case, the service of detail cars is focused on maintaining and protecting a vehicle, so it remains as close to its original state as possible. You help to maintain the appearance of your car inside and out by bringing it regularly to a car detailing shop.


In comparison to car wash services, auto detailing is more expensive, and it will take longer to clean your vehicle. In many cases, car owners wait for major problems with their car to occur before they consult auto detailing shops, such as a bad smell, spills, or mildew. We recommend that you take regular care of your car; a good idea is to have it detailed at least every four months.


To provide the best auto detailing service that cares for you and your vehicle, you can schedule an appointment online or by phone. We offer free Wi-Fi, also a waiting area in which you can read, watch a movie, or work on your laptop or tablet.

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What is Car Wash?

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A car wash will provide a basic cleaning of the exterior of your vehicle to remove dust. For interior cleaning, it could include a basic vacuum and carpets.




Car washes can sometimes use harsh chemicals to remove dirt from your car. These harsh chemicals can dull your paint over time, and even damage the clear coat over time.




The process of cleaning your car will take you less time and cost less if you use a car wash.

In some car washes, you could be inside your car while your exterior gets cleaned. In addition, after a few minutes, you will have your car clean, dry, and ready to vacuum.