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Car ceramic coating applications is a long-term solution to waxing and detailing your car. Car ceramic coatings provide a high degree of gloss, protect against micro-marring, and repel liquids to ensure easy cleaning. It may seem like a permanent solution to maintaining a car but in reality, it does require maintenance and upkeep to ensure that the ceramic coating lasts.

Car ceramic coatings can weaken over time with some weakness occurring in the degree of gloss, environmental damage, and depleting of beading. The gloss can weaken due to light hitting the surface and bouncing off at different angles when the surface becomes uneven. The gloss can become dull and lead to the coating looking worn down.

When the coating is exposed to the environment, it can wear away through rubbing or abrasion. It can lead to decreased protection for the coating leading to etchings going into the paint.

The ability to maintain a proper level of water beating allows for contaminants such as hard water and mud to slide off saving the paint from staining and etching. Over time this ability can decrease when it becomes contaminated reducing its potential to repel water.

There are steps that can be taken to maintain ceramic coatings. Regular washing with a car wash soap specifically designed for ceramic coatings every two weeks should take care of any contaminants before they become embedded into the surface. Maintenance booster products which are highly concentrated versions of the ceramic coating’s formula when sprayed on a ceramic coated surface can fill in any flaws to restore gloss and allow for proper beading of water. This should be done every three to four months to maintain a good ceramic coating.

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