Car Detailing Services in Orlando, FL

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Auto Detailing Prices

Full Interior Detail

From $125
Small SUV $145, Large SUVs $165
  • First, Car Detailing light upholstery Shampoo (Included with price)
  • Second, Meticulous interior vacuum (Included with price)
  • Third, all plastic, leather, rubber & glass surfaces clean (Ex: door panels, cup holders, dash, etc (Included with price)
  • Fourth, leather Cleaning (Included with price)
  • Last, door Jambs Cleaning (Included with price)
  • Optional Services
  • Leather Seats nano protection
  • Deep upholstery shampoo cleaning with extractor
  • Headliner deep clean
  • Total nano interior Protection
  • Pet hair removal/ sand removal
  • Spills, bad smells, Urine clean, Vomit clean, blood clean, coffee spills, cigarettes' smell, mold and mildew etc...
  • Removing the seats for cleaning access (Usually to clean Urine and mildew).
  • Removing the car carpet usually to remove mold and mildew damage caused by leaks and flood. Usually paid byinsurance)

Full Exterior Detail

From $120
Small SUV $140, Large SUVs $160
  • Wheel, tire and wheel well complete detail (Included with price)
  • Door Jamb detail & protection (Included with price)
  • Complete exterior wash and long term paint and glass protection wax w/wax or sealant. (Included with price)
  • Tire dressing. (Included with price)
  • Optional Services
  • Clay bar for car's mechanical decontamination (Removes overspray, bugs, tar, tree sap and bird droppings
  • Vehicular chemical decontamination
  • Nano protection 6-12 months exterior Protection
  • All in one vehicle's one step polish
  • Wheel well detailed dressing
  • Plastic trim restoration and protection for 3 years
  • Headlight restoration with ceramic coating.
  • Glass coating 2 years.
  • Glass coating for 1 year.
  • Ceramic Coating 3-5 years.

Full Detail

From $245
Small SUV $285, Large SUVs $325
  • Light carpet and upholstery Shampoo (Included with price)
  • Leather Cleaning (Included with price)
  • Complete interior Vacuum (Included with price)
  • All plastic, leather, rubber & glass surfaces clean (Ex: door panels, cup holders, dash, etc (Included with price)
  • Complete exterior wash and protection (included with price)
  • Wheel and tire complete detail (Included with price)
  • Door jam clean (Included with price)
  • Wheel / tire dressing (Included with price)
  • Optional Services
  • Clay bar process
  • All in one polish and buff
  • Interior protection coatings
  • Exterior ceramic coatings
  • Window tinting
  • Paint protection film
  • Wheel, trim and glass coatings
  • Interior deep cleaning
  • Headlight restoration with ceramic Coating
  • Headlight restoration with paint protection film

Auto Detail Prices

At Car Detox, our prices are always told upfront to our clients. furthermore, we have detailing packages that will give you a pretty good idea about the price before you even step to the door. The most common services are highlighted and they are the ones included with the sample price. Moreover, we are also researching products and training to offer you the best car finish at reasonable prices. In addition, our cleaning products are used in a way to be safe with the environment and to offer you the best savings. We use wash mitts and top quality microfiber towels to make sure your car is tendered with care.

Customer Service Oriented​

Car Detailing service should be synonym with enjoyable service. For instance, we consider it like sending your spouse to the Spa. In brief, you know it is a good investment. When you come to us, we want to make you feel welcome, and above all, that you are in good hands. We work to give you results and car finish that will make you extremely happy. Moreover, we aim to offer you high quality detailing job. Therefore, we know that the next time you consider cleaning your car again, you already know you can trust us.

We believe car detailing is an experience rather than just getting your car clean and put some tire shine on your tires. Therefore, we strive to give you the best customer service. In addition, our detailing shop is super clean and comfy. Moreover, we are very efficient and experienced in our field, and our communication regarding services and prices is very clear as many of our clients state on their reviews. Bottom line, everything that has to do with car detailing is everything we strive to be the best at.

Car Care Services

Car detailing service is one of the core services Car Detox offers. Therefore, we know how to clean the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. Moreover, we are experts when it comes to deep clean, paint correction, car finish, clay bar decontamination process and much more. Hence, we do auto detailing for our other high-end services like Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, Window film, car restoration, and car vinyl wraps. In brief, we have the experience and expertise you need from a car detailer. Car Detox is also fully insured, and we always deliver high quality detailing that surpass our customer’s expectations. Although we do every type of vehicle and could solve many issues, we limit ourselves to work quality over quantity. In other words, we work on solving the problem you may have with the best quality in mind.