Car Detailing Careers and Courses Opportunities

The automobile detailing industry is a TWO BILLION DOLLAR industry which is always evolving. why not give it a try. Car Detox invites the best of the best to train people to take advantage of the tools and products available in the World. We do this once a year. Take advantage of it. 

Upcoming Class Information

Finally, after a lot of effort, we were able to put this together! We offer the opportunity for auto detailers and car enthusiast who want to go to the next level when it comes to paint correction. Also, a Nasiol certification is no joke. We are talking direct access to a manufacturer of the best ceramic coatings in the market and successful business owners giving training for your success. Reach us for information

What will you learn?

You will learn the latest car polishing techniques. Moreover, you will learn about paint correction, ceramic coating application, and the different ceramic coatings that could help your clients protect their painted surfaces. We will go briefly on the basics of detailing and beyond the car detailing industry on ways to make money with the different coating. Moreover, we will talk briefly on the business aspects of ceramic coatings.