Ceramic Maintenance

Ceramic Maintenance

Maintain your Ceramic Coating

Car Detox

Recurrent Ceramic Maintenance
$ 79
  • White glove hand wash
  • Soft pressure rinse
  • Delicate dry
  • Door Jambs
  • Wheel wells clean
  • Wheels clean
  • Tire dressing application

Car Detox

Ceramic Maintenance Booster
$ 399
Every 6 months
  • White glove hand wash
  • Soft pressure rinse
  • Chemical Decontamination
  • Wheels and wheel wells
  • Door Jambs
  • Ceramic Booster
  • Tire Dressing Application

Why maintain your Ceramic Coated Vehicl

Ceramic Coating Needs Maintenance

Your car is probably one of your most significant investments. Coating and protecting your car was the best investment you made to add to its value and improve your lifestyle. 

Our white-glove service makes it easy to properly maintain a vehicle with ceramic coating.   

 To keep your car looking excellent, the main thing you do is do your regular hand washes. A coated car needs monthly hand washes. Moreover, it is a good idea to use a ceramic booster every six months. A ceramic booster is a prevention step in order to make sure your vehicle’s coat remains in good shape and keeps protecting your vehicle. 

Make it an Habit, do not Wait

 Have you seen foggy headlights? faded paint? rust in cars? It all happens for a lack of regular maintenance, or giving your car the wrong care.

At Car Detox your car will be hand washed by the hands of experienced and certified detailers. Our mission is to offer you quality detailing to help enhance, maintain, and protect your vehicle. 

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Become a Regular

Whether that means coming every six months for your ceramic booster or every month for your white glove hand wash service, we are committed to building strong relationships with you and giving you an outstanding experience. The maintenance of your car should be enjoyable. We offer you the five-star service you have been looking for. 

Referral Program for Members​

Refer a friend to any of our membership programs and get 5% on credit which can be used for our additional services, upgrades, or detailing products. 

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