Cleaning System to Keep Your Car Clean

Cleaning System to Keep Your Car Clean

Although the interior of your car is one of the areas that usually suffer less damage and breakdowns, keeping it in perfect condition thanks to periodic cleaning system and other care will determine the general condition of your vehicle.

Beyond vacuuming your vehicle, what other ways can use you maintain it? Your car needs both inside and outside cleaning. This includes also taking care of your car’s dashboard, carpets, seats, headliner, and compartments. We would like to share basic tips that you should keep in mind when protecting the interior of your car

Deep Cleaning System

Getting a deep cleaning depends on how often your vehicle has been detailed. Part of this process includes the use of cleaning brushes for smaller areas or dots, this will help you get to those places that are not easy.

When cleaning traces of dust, we recommend the use of a mask to protect yourself. Clean the windows and the front of your car, for this part of the cleaning system we recommend using a microfiber towel.

The backs of the seats can not be missed. Do not forget to check your cabin filter, which is what prevents harmful substances or impurities from the environment, dust, smoke, or gases from other vehicles from entering your car. To find it, check your front glove box, in front of the passenger seat, and in the middle of the fan air circulation ducts, you can find it. Clean it monthly! And blow it, don’t shake it because that can damage the microfibers that help purify.

Cleaning The Air Filter

car cleaning system

This is very important: moisture must be avoided in the air filters because fungi can grow there. Do not forget to review and inspect it at each maintenance, and also replace it if necessary and recommended by your brand.

The best cleaning system is to turn off the air conditioning and keep your engine running while you put the heating on maximum for a while so that there is evaporation and the humidity can be eliminated. It is essential that the air conditioning is turned off, so open the doors and keep the windows closed for at least five minutes. Then apply the product of your preference to disinfect.

Express Tip to Take Care of Your Car

Did you get any food or drinks in your car? Whatever it is, try to clean them immediately to avoid staining both the fabric of the seats and other surfaces. Use a damp cloth and go.

You should be aware that this little trick is only a superficial solution, if you want to fully remove the mark and any bad odor, you must perform an adequate cleaning system. To achieve this, we recommend visiting us and getting a specialized service, because when food is involved, your car needs a thorough cleaning that includes extraction.

Watch a deep cleaning process in our shop in Orlando.

Empty The Garbage

Normally we have garbage bags where we deposit our trash. We have them hanging or tied to a particular place, our recommendation is that you empty the garbage and disinfect or change the bag that you use on a regular basis. These places are the ones that collect the most bacteria and become vulnerable and high-risk areas. This helps to reduce spaces that are filled with waste that –perhaps– you usually forget in your day-to-day.

If you live in Orlando we will love to help you with your car’s maintenance and cleaning. We have a variety of services: Car detailingwindow tinting, ceramic coatingpaint protection filmpaint correction, and headlight restoration. From daily drivers to luxury owners you are all welcome. We are located at 207 N Goldenrod Rd #500. Feel free to call us at 407 796 1727 with questions or book your appointment on our website.


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