Clear Bra for Car Protects your Vehicle
in Extreme Situations

Clear bra for car is an innovative product that will keep your car protected in case of unexpected situations. Road can be dangerous, and you never know what you will find while driving. However PPF, also known as Anti-Stone Film protects your vehicle from pebbles and gravel, which can damage your car’s bodywork.

True Story, About Clear Bra on BMW

We had a customer who experienced a specific inconvenience with his vehicle. His car’s hood was keyed. In order to fix his car’s paint, he would have to spend up to $2,000 in  body shop repair work.


The customer had protection film on his car. For that reason, after removing the film from his BMW, we saw that it had not been damaged.


Since there was no damage, the customer wouldn’t need to have extensive paint correction.


As a result, he decided to get a clear bra for his car. He also had the advantage that he could choose other areas to install the paint protection film.

Black BMW with scratches

The video shows the work on this vehicle. We removed the film that was damaged, after that detailed the car. In the meanwhile this BMW got a paint correction to get ready for the clear bra’s installation. In addition, we applied ceramic coating on top of the film as well to the windows and wheels.



Above all, the clear bra keep the car protected against harmful elements that can be found on the road, while making his vehicle look brand new.



Come by our Orlando location and we will give you a free quote on your car. We also have a variety of services including window tint, ceramic coating, paint correction film, and detailing services. Our specialists are certified to bring you the best service

Clear Bra Protects your car Against Sun Damage

If you are a Florida resident, you know that sun damage is a real problem. Your car spends long periods outside, and under those conditions, it needs to be protected.

We have worked in the detailing industry for over 18 years, and we have seen many vehicles’ damaged due to the sun.

In addition to your vehicle’s paint, a clear bra can also be applied to different surfaces. These surfaces may include vinyl wraps, metals, machinery, kitchen cabinets, countertops, tables, and industrial equipment you may want to protect. 

Clear bra removal is something else that we do. After performing this service we have never seen a car’s paint damaged by sun exposure. For example, we removed a film that lasted about 8 years. The process of removing took us about 4 hours, and after that, we were amazed to see the excellent condition of this car’s paint.

Given these points, we are confident to point out Clear Bra, is a great option for your car’s maintenance and to keep its value through the years.

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