Orlando Car Detailing Memberships

Orlando Car Detailing Memberships

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We are Orlando car detailing services that are convenient, fast, flexible, and luxurious at the same time. Moreover, it is done by internationally certified auto detailing technicians. Therefore, you can enjoy taking care of your vehicle in a way you have never experienced before and the results will be beyond your expectations.

Car Detox

Express Exterior Membership
$ 69
  • Hand wash
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Pressure rinse
  • Ceramic Spray
  • Wheels and wheel wells
  • Door and fuel jamb cleaning
  • Tire Shine
Twice a month

Car Detox

Express Full Membership
$ 119
  • Hand Wash
  • Pressure Rinse
  • Ceramic Spray
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Interior wipe down and disinfection
  • Vacuum
  • Premium Tire Shine
  • Wheels Detail and wheel wells
twice a month

Why a Membership?

It is Convenient

First, our auto detailing memberships are convenient. For instance, you can schedule your details when it works for you. Additionally, we have convenient automatic monthly billing and recurrent appointments with no cancellation fee. 

It is Flexible

Second. we make Orlando car detailing flexible with memberships. For example,  you do not have to sign a long-term contract. Moreover, you could cancel your membership one day before the due date is set. 

It is Top of the Line

Third, Orlando car detailing memberships are top of the line. Car Detox has an excellent reputation on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Nevertheless, it has a five-star lobby with free drinks, clean restrooms, comfy sitting, and wi-fi. 

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How does it work?

Car Detox Memberships is the wisest way to care for your vehicle.

What are Some Perks for Members

One of the perks of Orlando car detailing memberships is a referral program. Refer a friend to any of our membership programs and get $20 credit which you can stack for detailing products and services.

Another of the perks you will have is an additional 10% discount on qualifying auto detailing upgrades.

Orlando Auto Detailing Memberships Important Details

Orlando auto detailing memberships are available for clients who are bringing their vehicle for a full auto detailing package. Click here for qualifying packages.

For larger vehicles, we would have to give you a quote and in some cases not all the membership packages will be available. Small SUVs we could typically do for $20 to $40 price difference with a sedan.

  • First, Our Orlando car detailing membership expects you to come twice a month. However, if you come less than that there are no refunds. Likewise, services do not carry on for the next month. 
  • Second, this auto detailing membership only applies to one specific vehicle. However, it is transferable if you buy a brand new car. 
  • Third, we reserve the right to cancel any or all memberships for any reason. 
  • Fourth, you can pick your monthly renewal date. 
  • fifth, we must have a valid debit card on file.

Absolutely, we love when you buy car wash gift cards from us. 

We are sure you will love our car detailing maintenance service. However, things happen. We have had members that move out of state, for example. Therefore, if you need to cancel you can do so in person or over the phone. 

Additional Services Available

Indeed, we are offering us the most vital services and what should be done at a minimum. However, Car Detox Orlando offers a wide range of services you may want to add to the car wash. In fact, we offer paint correction, clay bar process, interior shampoo, chemical decontamination, paint protection film, ceramic coating, window tinting, paint correction, interior shampoo, fabric stain removal, headliner cleaning, and interior surfaces coating and protection to name a few.  

Nevertheless, our memberships do not include mobile appointments. However, We offer our members 10% off mobile appointments as well as on any upgrade.

Yes, if you are a new client there are two ways to sign up for the membership. 

  1. First, you bring us a brand new vehicle that you bought no later than two weeks prior to your first membership detail. 
  2. Second, you sign up on a day that your vehicle was detailed and it is so clean that it does not need a detail that day. 

Yes, for our unlimited plans it is required to pay automatically.