Steam Clean Car Interior for Full Interior Detailing

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss a few reasons why in our full interior detailing we must steam clean car interior.  Firstly, steam cleaning your car reduces the amout of chemicals we use to acomplish a great result. Secondly, I think it is very effective to loosen up dirt and clean gaps, meanwhile, it is less abrasive than a brush. Thirdly, and, and most importanly, I notice it reduces bad odors and eliminates remainig stains. Moreover, by steam cleaning the car, we add yet another step to make sure we do not miss anything. In conclusion, the results we can deliver by steam cleaning the vehicle are superior compared to only using traditional methods. 

Have we Always Steam Clean Interiors

In this paragraph, I am going to explain our decisions to steam clean all the interiors that we do. At first, steam cleaning was just an option

Get The legal Window Film percentage to be able to see at night

Protect your Headlights

Headlights focus on a new car

Nowadays, you can prevent your headlights to become foggy and yellow before you start driving your vehicle. Even before it is out the lot if you are buying a new car. To do this you can buy ceramic coating and apply it to the headlight when the car is new. In general, this will be a quick and easy application, and you definitely will be able to do it yourself. However, if the headlights are already yellow or foggy, the light they emit will not be clear enough, and this makes your vehicle unsafe at night. Therefore, you need to find a solution for that.

We have two we recommend. The first one, purchase a replacement at Due to the wide range of pricing, you can find for this item the replacement may be a good idea.  The second one, have them professionally restored. Click here for more info on headlight restoration

Most of all, stick to those options if you can. We advise not to do it yourself since many kits out there will cause more damage to the headlight and car paint and almost none of them will truly restore the headlight. Also, make sure you go to a reputable company. While the worst damage we have seen is when someone pays to have it done by someone who claims they can do it but end up messing the headlight and all around it even more.

Get your Windshield and Windows Coated.

I am sure you have heard or even used something like Rain-X, Glasshiled, or Aquapel. Chemicals like this make your car safer in small ways. For example, if sudden rain while on the highway does not take your visibility out for even one second. You are safer for that second. How about a liquid with color? The hydrophobic effects of these coats get the obstructing view of the liquid out of the way instantly. Especially relevant, the windshield and windows will be more likely to repel hard water and other contamination with ease. Hence, the chemical we recommend is Glasshield since it uses nanotechnology which will make it last over a year.


Get the right Car Accessories.

Getting the right accessories will potentially make your car safer. Here is a list of things you can buy for your car that will make your car safe: First, a car phone holder mount for your phone. We recommend this one because it attaches to the windshield and does not damage either your air vents or your front dashboard. 

Second, a tire pressure gauge is something I have always carry on my vehicle and will continue to do it even with tire pressure monitors. However, knowing the tire pressure is not enough, taking it seriously is. Therefore, when you know your tires need pressure stop at your tire shop to find out why. Here is the tire pressure gauge we notice is very popular on Amazon. 

Cell Phone Holder Accesory for car

Strive to Drive Better

make your car safer by driving safer

Finally, we get to what will truly make your vehicle safer. This is you, the driver. Due to the increasing use of our phones, many are using them while they drive. Let’s be more conscious about it. We are very fortunate we can drive as there are many people who do not have this privilege. Most people in the world just do not have the money to drive an automobile. Therefore, let’s enjoy it more and be safe while doing it.