Removable Paint Protection Film

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to protect the paint on your car, then removable paint protection film might be the answer. It is an easy to apply and remove material that offers superior protection against scratches, scrapes and other damage to the exterior of your vehicle.

What is Removable Paint Protection Film?​

Removable paint protection film is a thin, self-adhesive material that can be applied easily to the exterior of vehicles. It protects against small scratches, chips and scrapes from daily use and provides lasting protection that is both cost-effective and easy to remove. It is also highly resistant to fading due to UV exposure, reducing the need for expensive touch ups or repainting.

How Long Does It Last?

Paint protection film can last up to 10 years depending on the quality of the material and how it is applied. The more you take care of it, the longer it lasts. However, it is also important to remember that when removed, paint protection film will no longer protect your car’s exterior from small scratches and scrapes that are a normal part of daily life.

What are the Benefits of PPF? ​

Paint protection film offers your car’s coat a layer of added durability to protect it against various hazards, such as dirt, debris, and everyday wear and tear. It also helps preserve your car’s value by keeping its exterior looking showroom-perfect. Additionally, paint protection film can reduce the need for costly repair or maintenance over time since it is a barrier between your car’s exterior and damaging elements. There are different options when it comes to PPF, you can pick a transparent one, or even customize your car with a film with color or mat finish. Also, you can add Ceramic Coating to your clear bra, which would make your car easy to clean.

PPF on Bronco Velociraptor

How Do You Apply and Remove Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film can be applied to your car’s finish, usually with the help of professional or detailed step-by-step directions. This film should come off similarly quickly; depending on its quality and condition, it can generally be removed without damaging the car’s paint surface. A simple soap and water solution can help you remove any excess residue after removal. However, the best option is to take your car to a specialist since it is required to have a shop designed to install the film.