Things You Didn’t Know About Ceramic Coatings

Have you thought about applying a ceramic coating to your car? Have you heard that ceramic coatings preserve your car’s paint? Is it better than wax and polish? How does it compare to the advantages of paint protection films (PPF)? Is Ceramic coating really worth considering its price? We know that you could have many questions and the information that you find could be overwhelming. Here you will find everything you need to know about Ceramic Coatings.

Car detox Orlando is a detailing shop specialized in maintenance, detail, and protection for your vehicle. In this post, you will discover what ceramic coating is and its advantages, when applying it to the paint of your car.
Before applying this protective method your car must receive a process called paint correction, which consists of restoring the paint on your vehicle. The goal of the paint correction treatment is to remove scratches, dullness, and blemishes.

Paint removal treatment uses machine polishing and polishing products that can remove these blemishes and ultimately restore your car’s original condition. Paint correction is a very labor-intensive process and usually takes the most time when it comes to the car detailing process.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

An industrial-grade ceramic coating is a chemical blend of polymers that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect it from exterior paint damage.

Typically spread by hand, it bonds with your car’s paint and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. Due to this chemical bonding and the creation of a new layer, the car’s original paint finish remains neat.

Ceramic Coating is intended to be applied over your car’s paintwork to give it extra protection. The varnish is transparent and is created by mixing different resistant resins.

Thanks to the application of this special varnish, your car’s paint will be more resistant to minor daily damages such as those experienced by the bodywork when inappropriate cleaning products are not used or when it is subjected to washing in automatic car washes.

How Ceramic Coating Would Help your Car?

When the ceramic coating is applied to your car, the varnishes provide additional protection to the paint of your vehicle on the bodywork, making it in better condition for longer and more resistant to external agents. It is more effective by protecting it against chemical, environmental, and scratch damage.

When the ceramic coating is applied to your car’s paint, the varnishes provide additional protection on your car’s bodywork, making it in better condition for longer and more resistant to external agents. It is more effective in protecting it against chemical, environmental, and scratch damage.

At Car Detox Orlando we have a highly qualified specialist and the best Ceramic Coating brand on the market Nasiol it’s quality standards allow high performance and durability. We have 3 options of ceramic coating that are designed for your car needs:

  • 1 Year of Ceramic Coating
  • 2 Years of Ceramic Coating
  • 5 Years of Ceramic Coating

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

The damage that the sun’s harmful UV rays can do to your car’s paint is quite real. A ceramic coating will protect your car’s paint against oxidation. Preventing it from fading and looking dull. This is critical if you park your car outside.

Ceramic Coating provides an extra shine to your car’s paint, making it looks like new, also will make it shine with high intensity to further highlight the color of the paint used for it. Although gloss is the most used, you can also find ceramic varnishes with a matte finish if you want a different result, with the same protection.

Chemical marks that come off due to contaminants in the environment represent another potential damage to your car. A coating will prevent these contaminants from sticking to the paint. As air pollution grows in cities, ceramic tile is a great solution.

When it comes to waxing, washing, and other types of detailing services, maintaining your car could take a lot of time and effort. With ceramic coating, you don’t have to worry about it, because Ceramic Coating not only adheres to your car paint but also repels water and contaminants agents. This means that water-based dirt and grime will stay separated on the surface of your vehicle, and eventually slide off.

If you live in Orlando we will love to help you with your car’s maintenance and ceramic coating services. From daily drivers to luxury owners you are all welcome. We are located at 207 N Goldenrod Rd #500. Feel free to call us at 407 796 1727 with questions or book your appointment on our website.


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