About Car Detox Orlando

Unsurpassed Reputation, Years of Experience
and Competitive Car Detailing Price

We are Jose and Diana, we are the founders of Car Detox. We started Car Detox because we saw the need for real quality detailing in the area. Although there are many car washes, detailing shops, and mobile detailers, we found them to lack good customer service, and are not reliable.


Therefore, we figured out that by putting ourselves in your shoes we could offer you the best car detailing services you could ask for. Moreover; we thought about what would be really important for us when getting our car detailing. Also, we focused on being efficient and clever in order to not only offer you competitive car detailing prices but also to save you money on your car detailing maintenance. In this way, you can ultimately enjoy your vehicle more.

How did we plan to do this?

First, we wanted to listen to what clients like you wanted! Car Detailing is not the same for everyone.  Therefore, we strive for giving you the car detailing service that you will enjoy and that will meet your expectations.

Second, our philosophy is to make sure you are treated the way we would like to be treated when getting any services ourselves. That is with love, gratitude, enthusiasm, respect and integrity.

Third, we make sure we do honest work. Therefore, our wish is that you truly get to the value of what you are paying for. In brief, we treat each car as if it was our car and every client as if they were family.

Last, we thank God for every client He sends our way and we try our hardest to never disappoint Him.

History and Achievements

  • 2004: First, we landed our first contract to restore over 300 commercial trucks in Debary.
  • 2006: Then, we moved into the small car dealership market and in the same year we started working our first large and recognized Chevy dealership in Orlando.
  • 2013: Back then, bought a van and started doing mobile detailing. In the same year, we were getting a ton of great feedback and excellent reviews from our clients surpassing the star average the number of reviews any other mobile detailing had in the whole country.
  • 2015: We started getting calls from recognized companies and large luxury dealerships to deal with vehicle restoration problems with their clients. 3M service center, Lexus of Orlando, Tesla, Progressive, and Home Depot among others.
  • 2017: Then, We got into the nano-ceramic coating technology and started to test many different ceramic coating brands.
  • 2019: We selected Nasiol as our favorite brand and started negotiating with them to eventually become their Orlando Distributor. In that way, we could pass on great savings to our clients. In the same year, 3M offered us to get us trained in paint protection film. This way, we could get even more jobs from them.
  • 2020: We remodel our shop in order to offer a comfortable place and a great experience for our clients when getting their car detailed.
Moving forward, we would like to be the go-to place to get quality car detailing work. We want to establish growing relationships with our clients so that getting their car detailing is a pleasure.
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