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Paint Correction

Paint correction is essential in restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork and the original color of your vehicle. It helps remove scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections in your car’s appearance. 

Orlando Paint Correction

Car Detox offers paint correction services in Orlando. However, people come from all over central Florida for this specific service. Our reputation for paint correction developed based on years of experience and completing several certifications to stay up to date. We work with all car models, types of paint, and conditions. The goal of our paint correction services is to bring your car back to life or its full potential.

On New Cars

Paint correction refers to removing imperfections caused by manufacturing defects, transportation mishandling, and dealership errors. The most common include swirl marks, scratches, dents, water marks, etching, and other blemishes.

There are several reasons why new cars may require paint correction. First, improper dealership detailing jobs. Second, unreported paint jobs on the car during its transportation. Another reason could be poor application by the manufacturer.

Our Paint Correction Process

When you bring your car to our detail shop, your vehicle will be in the hands of professionals with several years of experience in paint correction in the Orlando area. It takes a lot of perseverance and effort to become good at this skill. It requires learning new techniques and trying different technologies, compounds, and polish pads. Additionally, it required constant training and a good network of people in the same industry willing to trade ideas and processes with us. Moreover, it requires that we try our hardest on every job to gain the reputation we have.

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Most Popular

Paint Enhancement

This consist on a meticulous detailing, full mechanical and chemical decontamination and a one step polish. a one step polish. This is an excellent option for used cars, leased vehicles, and daily drivers. It is a very popular option when paired with a one year ceramic coating. Additionally, it is an affordable level of paint correction.

Paint Correction

This is the most popular option for sports cars, luxury vehicles, and even some supercars. It is a multi-step paint correction that aims to remove heavy swirl marks, scratches, watermarks, oxidation, and car wash spider webs. It will be tough for the human eye to discover a paint imperfection after Car Detox’s paint correction service.

Flawless Finish

This is another multistep paint correction that aims for a flawless finish. It is designed for our most strict clients who are looking to get their paint restored to its full potential. We recommend it for high-value vehicles that suffered neglect and have some paint damage that can be restored.

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